Kathryn Para

About Me:

Singer-Songwriter Kathryn Para has shared her original music, poetry and ukulele teaching method across the country. Her programs are full of laughter, surprise, movement, dancing, singing, and fun. She weaves science, wonder, inspiration and empowerment together to reinforce and teach the ideas, concepts and values of environmental literacy and stewardship. She sees the positive effect of teaching and empowering a person can have as it ripples out and she uses the teaching opportunities to promote a message of the importance of caring for each other and the earth.

Things I Do:

I perform my own songs with a focus on education, the enviroment, and social responsibility. I have created music and performed with numerous local, state, and federal entities.

  • Perform educational music
  • Environmental outreach
  • Create custom music that matters to you
  • Non-profit consulting


Ukulele Teaching

Ukify is a music teaching method created out of a desire to teach basic ukulele without worrying about tedious memorization. Music theory is embedded in the method, so students can walk away plucking songs in as little as 15 minutes.

Custom Songwriting

Kathryn has created songs about the water cycle, water utility challenges (fatberg), and invasive species. Original songs can be for clients / events and but tailored her concert programming to their message.

Concert Performances

Kathryn has written and performed hundreds of songs and poems for thousands of people of all ages. Concerts are focused to meet client needs, but core messages include diversity, science, environmental stewardship, and empowerment to change the world.

Contact Me:

If you want more information or would like to discuss business opportunities email me at info@kathrynpara.com

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